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Oil pumps

Application Horizontal electric pump units of NGN type are intended for using in process installations of petroleum refining and petrochemical manufactures and also in other branches of industry for oil, petroleum products or other liquids pumping of similar physicochemical properties.   Electric pump units are intended for external installations and in locations where is possible by the operation conditions mixtures formation with air which are related to II, II category and explosion safety groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 according to the State Standard 12.1.011-78.  

Pipeline oil pumps type MNN are designed for exploitation in oil-transfer stations with limiting pressure not more than 7,5 P.Pumps are intended for exploitation in regions with moderate and cold climatic conditions – climatic execution ; installation category 4 under the State Standard 15150-69 closed heated locations with air temperature from + 1 up to + 40°.

Application Vertical oil centrifugal electric pump units of NVN type are intended for pumping of oil from nonpressure reservoirs, wells, and other oil dumping, formation water, oil emulsion collection reservoirs and similar mediums, and also for supply it into suction delivery pipe of oil-transfer station. Moreover, oil pumps of NVN type can be used for pumping of aggressive fluids (for example, fluids with high hydrogen sulphide content, acid reservoir water).

Vertical oil electric pump units NV-D-1 are designed for oil derivates, gas condensate and polluted drainage water with mixed oil derivates pumping from reservoirs P and PP.

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